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monkeyUganda is the most blessed country in East Africa and Africa in general in terms of its wild life therefore attracting many safari tours. Blessed with diversity of wildlife, Uganda has both fauna and flora which encourages safaris to Uganda . About 330 species and 1062 species of mammals and birds respectively, are found in Uganda. 52 Amphibians and about 165 reptiles

Of the 330 species of mammals in Uganda, about 7 are endangered, 17 are near-threatened and 21 species are vulnerable and this makes Uganda a perfect tourism destination to visit. With the introduction of Rhino in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, Uganda safaris can offer you the chance to see the big five and also to engage in gorilla tracking safaris. Uganda is also a home to more than half the world’s mountain gorillas and viewing them in their natural habitat is one of the exciting moments for the tourists.

Uganda safari does not only offer you the chance to engage in Gorilla trekking safaris but also chimpanzee trekking. Uganda has a respectable population of chimpanzees which can be trekked from Kibale national Park and Budongo Forest Reserve. There are also other Primates like baboons, monkeys of different species which can be seen.

Safaris in Uganda also provides you with the chance to see other mammals in Uganda’s national parks like the tree climbing lions, the endangered Rothschild giraffes, African elephants, a big number of hippos, leopards, cheetahs and so much more.

Uganda being the Paradise of birds offers you the opportunity to engage in birding safaris. Uganda has almost half of the total population of bird species in Africa and was voted the best birding destination by the African bird club with Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as the best birding site and Murchison Falls National park. This means that Uganda can offer you the best wildlife safari while on Uganda visits and also exciting experiences to take home. The tourism destination has about 34 important bird viewing sites that is the forest reserves, wildlife reserves, water bodies, Wetlands and national parks, and harbor birds like shoebill stork, blue throated rollers, crested crane the national bird, giant kingfisher among others.
Uganda being voted a must visit Safari destination means a lot of things. Uganda harbors many cold-blooded reptiles with Nile crocodile as the largest of all. Enjoying seeing Nile crocodile along the river bank with their mouth wide open on the sunshine as blackbird plovers pick appetizing morsels from amongst thei
r teeth is an exciting moment for your safari tour. Safaris to Uganda also offer you Uganda unique and the small three horned chameleons found at the higher altitudes of Rwenzori slopes. Other reptiles you can see during your safari in Uganda includes Snakes of different kind, lizards and tortoises

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