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The best national park for spectacular landscapes and great buffalo herds– Uganda safaris News

buffaloes at kidepo valley npKidepo Valley National Park located in north eastern part of Uganda in the remote areas of the Kaabongo district is one of the best national parks in the continent of Africa that is endowed and well known by tourists due to its unique spectacular flora and fauna. The famously known park attracts many travelers to take safaris to Uganda in order to experience the beautiful natural vegetation and wildlife that is inhabited in Kidepo national park.
The wonderful Kidepo national park covers an area of 1442 sq. km of the protruded, semi-arid valleys of the remote parts of Karamoja province. The park lies in the Karamoja region which is one of the regions in Uganda with rare unique cultures and therefore besides the beauty of the park, the park is located in place where visitors on Uganda safaris can have the best memorable African cultural encounter with the remote karamojong people.
Inspite of the park being located in remote area, the most beautiful park in Uganda is also Uganda’s third largest after the famous Queen Elizabeth and stunning Murchison Falls national parks. The park possesses unadulterated and unique wilderness which cannot be found or experienced in any of East Africa countries .The natural land scape of the park shows the true African undisturbed wilderness with serene environment.
Kidepo national park has variety of wildlife and among these involve the 86 mammal species that are inhabited in the park, some of the mammal species include herds of buffalos, Striped Hyena, Dikdik, Aardwolf, Cheetah, Greater and Lesser Kudu as well as the Bat-eared Fox, Caracal, Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck, Cheetah, Klipspringer and the Bright’s Gazelle, Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck, Beisa Oryx, African Wild Dogs, Roan Antelope.
The boasts an estimated bird list of 475 species and this make it to be perfect birding destination in Uganda second only to the un movable Queen Elizabeth National Park with the highest number estimated to be 625. The park is specifically famous its outstanding birds of prey which are rare and not easily seen in other protected areas in Uganda.
Kidepo is the one protected area in Uganda that is located in the pronounced Somali – Masai regional center of endemism .Because of this rare phytogeography zone, there various species of plant life that are restricted or only found to the Karamoja region. The park has a lot in terms of tourism resources and this can only be explored when travelers under takes safari in Uganda.
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