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The bird side of Uganda – Uganda safaris & Tours

birdwatching safariUganda is a home to many interesting birds which have attracted many birding safaris hence improving the tourism sector. It has got many birding spots which include; Budongo forest reserve which has 360 birds, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with 357 bird species, Kibale National Park with 340 bird species, Kidepo National Park with 480 bird species, Mabamba bay wetland with 260 species of birds, Mabira forest with 300 species of birds recorded, Lake Mburo National Park with 317 bird species recorded, Mgahinga National Park with 115 species of Birds, Murchison falls with 460 bird species, 435 bird species found in Semuliki National Park and 210 species in Rwenzori Mountain National Park.

Birding safari will expose you to the bird species which pour out the purest of rare music. So tender and serene is the harmony of nature in the old woods of Serenada Eco Resort that monkeys, both red-tailed and colobus join in the jungle tango dance. This experience will leave you wanting to take more safaris to Uganda.

A low breeze rustles the defiant trees. The old forest springs to life with jungle activities. Unconscious of its audience, a pair of blue turaco birds flies away from the branches of an old ficus tree, bursting into a priceless melody. Uganda is blessed with both forest and water birds which are so interesting to watch while on a birding safari.

Uganda hosts a considerable number of birds, butterflies, reptiles, primates and dragonflies and it was recently declared the preferred bird-watching destination (2013/2014), a development which upholds the country as a birder’s paradise. A network of canals has been constructed in the surrounding wetlands to enable bird viewing in the marshes while travelling by canoe. This composition of birds and wildlife has attracted many safaris in Uganda.

About half of all bird species in Africa can be found in Uganda. The country supports more than 1,000 bird species, representing about 50% of the bird species in Africa and 11% of the global population of birds. Records from Nature Uganda show that Uganda earns over $6m (about sh156b) from birding tourism, doubling earnings from gorilla tracking. Birding is a high-end tourism product where birders stay long, thus leaving more money in the country.

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