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The Bisoke Crater Lake Hike in Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda Safari News

bisoke crater lakeMt. Bisoke is a dormant volcano, franked within Volcanoes National Park, and it also forms part of the famous Virunga mountain range that is shared by three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain is about 3 hour’ drive from Kigali capital city of Rwanda to Volcanoes National Park were the mountain is located.
Exploring Bisoke Crater Lake Hike requires visitors on hiking safaris in Rwanda to be physically fit. Hiking begins you reporting to the park headquarters where you will meet your guide and group at the park reception. While at the headquarters, you will be briefed about the rules to follow while hiking o the summit of the volcano. Thereafter briefing, visitors on hiking safari tours to Rwanda will then be driven to the head trail were hiking activities start from.
The Bisoke hike is done under the guidance of an experienced guide who leads you to the top of Mt. Bisoke. The hike is bit back-breaking as gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park hence it need visitors on Rwanda safari tour to reserve whole day to participate only in hiking.
There are porters that can be hired to help visitors on hiking tour and safari in Rwanda’s Bisoke hiking destination. The potters help you to carry the hiking equipment to the top and hence it makes it easy for you to hike. It’s very beautiful and totally worth the effort when you reach the summit of the volcano because you are rewarded with magnificent views of the forest and the Crater Lake.
For travelers planning to under taking hiking safaris to Rwanda, you must book the hike in the dry season, otherwise be ready to contend with mud and slippery hiking trails of Bisoke Mountain. While hiking, you are heartened to keep your eyes and ears open because you may come across a group of mountain gorillas on the hike.
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