Obush lodge -uganda safarisne of the components of a safari package is accommodation. Thus any traveller who is planning a safari tour to Uganda has to think of the accommodation to use. Uganda is a diverse country with a great deal of attractions that are scattered across the country among which includes Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the mostly visited Uganda safari park.
Spending an overnight in Queen Elizabeth National Park would not be a problem as there is a range of accommodation units to settle your worries. These fall in categories of Upmarket/Luxury, Midrange/Standard or Budget/Basic so as to cater for various income groups that undertake safaris in Uganda. One of the mid-range options you can have in Queen Elizabeth is Bush Lodge.
Bush Lodge is surrounded by the park and it boarders the 45m long Kazinga channel and stands in its unique ecological setting. The lodge has six self-contained accommodation units which have got enough space in between themselves and in their inside. The rooms are constructed using local eco-materials to give travellers on Uganda safaris a true taste of nature and they have canvas that blends with the eco-system.
The Bandas have pouched outside shower whose water comes directly from the hand-filled tank and the hot water is provided upon request and also poured into the tank. The toilets are purely eco-san as the lodge is close to the flowing waters of Kazinga channel thus avoiding water pollution.
Bush lodge also has lazy camping that offer budget friendly accommodation and they are not self-contained with each tent featuring two single beds. They have shared ablutions that have got flushing toilets. The guests who use lazy camping on their Uganda safari tour are welcome to the bar and restaurant.
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