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ziwa rhinosUganda is the home for very many carnivores’ animals ranging from the biggest in the family to the smallest which enriches tourists experience while on their safari visits.

Lions are the biggest flesh eaters found in Uganda. They are found in mostly the savannah national parks of Uganda and they live in a family ranging from 10 to 15 members. The feed on flesh and are in position to hunt down the big mammals like antelopes, buffalos and others. Females will go hunting leaving the males to protect the territory.

The mostly hunt at night or early morning when other animals are helplessly sleeping and they utilized the day time to rest. This explains why it is very hard to see lions in the day unless otherwise. The lions can be seen through a game drive in Murchison Falls National Park and in Kidepo National park. Safari visit to Queen Elizabeth also enriches tourists experience while seeing the tree climbing Lions at Ishasha.

Leopards are the most distinguish animals found in the wild. They prefer to stay alone and are so secretive which makes them one of the best hunters. They mostly hunt their Preys and take them up on the tree so as not to be eaten by lions or hyenas. They have beautiful spots but are not easy to spot them while on safaris in Uganda .this is because they hunt at night and spend the day time hiding in caves and on trees.  These animals are commonly seen in the Kidepo national park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and chances of seeing are also in Murchison Falls National Park on the early morning game drives.

Cheetahs unlike Leopards are easy to see animals. They refer to stay in an open savannah land which will be easy for them to catch their prey since they are very fast in running. These animals are seen in Kidepo National park while on your safaris to Uganda.

Hyenas in Uganda are mostly the spotted hyenas. They are skillful in hunting and also Scavengers. When they find something to eat, hyenas make a laugher sound to inform others. This sound is also use to communicate among them. Where there are lions be sure that hyenas are not very far. They are very shy to hunt and mostly depend on the left overs of lions. Safari tours to Murchison Falls National Park will give you a high chance of seeing these animals.

The wild cats in Uganda include the African Golden Cats, the serval cats among others. These cats are common seen at night when they are hunting. The cats are bigger than the domesticated cats with long legs. They have been seen in Kibale National Park because they commonly live in forested places.

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