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The Coronavirus Effect on the Travel Industry & Tips for Travellers

The Coronavirus Effect on the Travel Industry & Tips for Travellers

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, several industries have fallen as fast as tourism. We haven’t seen a global crisis that’s impacted every country globally and every facet of the tourism industry. An African safari has been an Americans dream but now, it was shuttered. People have always wanted to travel for a Uganda safari tour, an Ethiopian trip, a Dubai tour, a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda Rwanda & Congo, a Congo safari, a safari in Tanzania, safaris in Kenya and to other destinations as well. However, 96 per cent of the globe is under some form of travel restriction at the moment, and at least 90 countries have sealed their borders. The world is frozen because of the coronavirus and the systems that supported such travel are flogging.

What will Travel be like after Coronavirus? |Coronavirus Effect on the Travel

Coronavirus Effect on the Travel IndustryExperts will tell you that travel will come back quickly. Despite the challenges, it won’t be this way forever, probably faster than anyone expects. A new survey suggests travel will be alive and well. According to the survey, more than half of Americans (58%) were planning to travel between this month of May and September 2020, as long as there is no quarantine in the destinations of their choice. However, they are still very careful with their decisions. A quarter of the tourists intending to travel want to avoid big cities and public transportation. 21% fell like opting for domestic travel.

As an African safari tour operator, we still have hope that slowly, our world will reconnect, border by border and all will open up. We must stop looking to “recover” the tourist industry but rather, work to transition travel and tourism to a truly sustainable level.

Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic has Taught us…

Coronavirus Effect on the Travel IndustryWe have never been so connected as a world, and we have never been more isolated than most of us are right now. Countries have bonded, they have offered help to each other than never before.

As a Uganda tour operator, I believe this coronavirus pandemic should become a time of reckoning, allowing us to consider how to solve problems that have become rampant in the industry, like pollution in the national parks, environmental destruction, poaching, wildlife abuse, and corruption.

Global standards for fair and sustainable practices must be established and enforced. We must be humble enough to adopt best practices from other countries and cultures.

After all of the industry’s focuses on “sustainability”, this pandemic has given a chance to implement a truly “sustainable” travel industry. Travel and tourism need to accept their role in climate change, global economic impact, environmental sustainability, wildlife conservation and social justice.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted so many unsustainable aspects of our globalized world, and everyone hotels, airlines, amusement parks, resorts, destinations, cruise ships and travellers must take stock of our role in this. Governments must be accountable to us, and we must be accountable to the greater good. We must become a sustainably connected world, or else, “We all fall down.”

As Travellers…

Coronavirus Effect on the Travel IndustryAbove all, travellers, especially those blessed with the extra income and leisure time to be tourists have to make better decisions. Before you go for gorilla trekking in Uganda, for a Rwanda wildlife safari, a Kenya wildlife tour, an Uganda wildlife safari or a Tanzania safari, first ask yourself “Who/What/Which resource am I exploiting? How can I make sure my adventure benefits the individuals, communities, cultures, and natural spaces I encounter? How can I support small and medium social creativities in the communities am going to visit? How can I help empower women around the world? How can I help protect the wildlife of our planet and make sure they survive this century?”

Tourists need to travel in a more sustainable standard, or you may need to change your dreams. Forgo seeing that lion or tiger “in the wild” in favour of volunteering for a conservation organization like visit Christ Our Vision Child Care. It will still be an adventure it’ll just be a different one than the photos we’d been jealous of before.

You will have to follow the rules of social distancing for a long time until a vaccine against the coronavirus becomes available. Sanitize and have an ask on all the time.

Tips for Tourists Travelling after the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Effect on the Travel IndustryNo question about it, people will travel after the coronavirus. But how?

Look for deals but focus on value. Assuming the coronavirus crisis is over, don’t hesitate to book if you find an inexpensive safari in Uganda, a cheap Rwanda tour, or an affordable Congo gorilla tour. But then don’t focus completely on price. Instead, look at the overall value of the deal.

Focus on longevity. Stay away from too-good-to-be-true offers from unknown Tour operators in Africa. Chances are, these are fire sales from desperate companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Focus on well-known brands that are financially stable like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd.

Consider travel insurance. A reputable insurance policy will protect you if a tour operator goes out of business. If you can’t find a good policy, use a credit card to make your purchase. It can also offer protection from financial ruin.

Why people travel…

People travel to escape the madding crowd, to find balance in nature, to de-stress, to soak up the joy of new places, to share beauty and wonder with loved ones and many more.

Good travel opens our minds and helps us reject prejudgment and respect different cultures.  It erases manmade borders and boundaries and connects us through our common humanity.

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