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The Culture of the Baganda-Uganda safari News

The family is the smallest unit of Buganda kingdom and it is highly respected and recognised. Many tourists as they come to safari find many friends where they join their families. A family in headed by the father who therefore provides everything like the shelter, food, school fees and so many others. Therefore he plays a very big role in the family. Tourists learn all this as they come to visit Uganda.

The mother is the second person to be respected in the family and she passes on his decisions to the father who then decides what to do. The number of children to be produced in Uganda is not specified because everyone makes their own decisions of what to do and this amazes the travelers when they hear this on their visits in Uganda. Tourists always wonder finding a family of over twelve children because it is funny to them. This makes them discover much on their safari visits.

The parents always teach their children discipline and how to respect people which they show visitors who come to tour Uganda. The children are also told to associate with hardworking and wealth friends that can add knowledge to them and they become important and special people some day. The bright African people therefore always want to associate with the tourists while on their safaris to Uganda so as to learn more from them.

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