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The Delay of Hotel Grading in Uganda-Uganda Safari News

upcountry hotelsUpcountry hotels are weeping for their incapability to upgrade  to the required status therefore discouraging safaris to Uganda .since tourists see no where to stay as they come for  safari visits in Uganda . However,the administration of the Uganda Hotel Management appears ready for grading. The department requests the government to fast follow up hotel grading so as to make Uganda a wonderful place to visit and hence encourage Uganda tours.

However,it is mentioned that the owners of different hotels in upcountry are green about the upgrading of hotels in their area therefore a reason for the delay of upgrading the hotels in Uganda hence discouraging Uganda safari visits“The challenge is still in remodeling of these hotels. It’s costly,” he said.

It was reported  that the exercise had delayed due to lack of funds by the Uganda Tourism  Board  hence limiting development of the sector however the exercise has still not been done even after the government has provided funds to the sector hence registering no development in the sector thereby reducing the number of safari visits to Uganda.

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