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The desire to preserve culture and heritage in Uganda on the rise

Wooven busket-cultures in ugandaThe idea of forming an authority specifically for the Museums, Cultural heritage and Monuments as noted by Maria Mutagamba Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities as a move to the realization of the 2040 which targets economic, cultural and social transformation through the development of tourism industry has been received with both hands by the natives and the Uganda safari undertakers.
Learning of the government’s final decision to think of preserving the history and the heritage which had been ignored for long brings a moment of hope to the heritage lovers among which include the travelers that take safaris in Uganda. It can be noted that it was 48 years ago when the government last had legislation about this issue. The Historical Monuments Act of the year 1967 has been in operation up to date.
The Uganda National Museum that dates far back to 1908 evolving to its current location at Kitante in 1954 features a range of items on display but most of gathered artifacts are not displayed due to lack of space not forgetting that the collection itself has been slow. The National Museum is currently the major heritage center of Uganda and is always frequented by visitors including those on Uganda safaris as it presents a one stop shop for the Uganda’s past.
Uganda has rich history and famous personalities that are worthy having the museums of their own ranging from Milton Obote to Idi Amin and Yoweri Museveni. The collection of their equipment that they used including the clothing, the notebooks and the pictures along with books would make their museums attractive and historical worth exploring on safari in Uganda.
The other stakeholders including the native community believe that culture and history have to be preserved with or without tourism and as a result the government should desist from following the tourism perspective alone. The cherishment of a broader perspective would assist in preserving a range of items that do not primarily generate money as they do not pull numbers but nevertheless significant and priceless.

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