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The development of the tourism sector Rwanda-Rwanda safari news

The deantelopes- rwanda wildlife safarisvelopment of the tourism sector in Rwanda has been attributed to the safety which is taking place in the country; this has encouraged many tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda. Tourism has been the fastest sector with in the country contributing high revenues to the development of the country.

Rwanda’s prime tourist attraction is the mountain gorillas which have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris. There are over 700 gorillas which are left in the world and this means that both Uganda and Rwanda are the safe country to have access to these unique primates.

Many visitors have moved to Rwanda to see the many groups of mountain gorillas. This visit involves a guided hike ranging from 30 minutes to three hours. Gorillas are so endangered and so the number of visitors is always limited. Groups are restricted to only eight people so as to encourage the conservation and preservation of the mountain gorillas.

The government of Rwanda has also started attracting luxury tourists who spend more money with in the country which has helped greatly in increasing the revenues of the country. These tourists are attracted to many tourist attractions and these include; the chimpanzees, bird species, the culture of the people of Rwanda, mountain gorillas and many more. These have continued to attract more safari tours to Rwanda.

Rwanda’s tourist infrastructures are still limited, since the hotel industry is not well developed and this limited the increasing number of tourists to the country hence affecting the safaris to Rwanda. There is need to expand the options for the tourists thus increasing their numbers.

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