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The discounted gorilla permits for 2016-17 a little higher

Mountain gorillaThe Uganda Wildlife Authority has for long been extending discounted gorilla permits to the Uganda gorilla safari undertakers willing to travel in the months of April, May and December. This promotional offer has not only facilitated the low income travelers to realize their dream of encountering the mountain gorillas that are critically endangered but also assisted the country to neutralize the low season gap that used to prevail in the past.
The idea of these promotional permits is not yet to the end as the Uganda Wildlife Authority further announced it for the years 2016 / 2017 but with a little increment in price. The travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda in the mentioned months have been paying $350 for the nonresident foreigners but with the new arrangement a sum of $450 will be paid bringing along the $100 increment.
The Foreigners residing in Uganda with a valid work permit have been paying $300 to undertake the gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park but with the new arrangement, the gorilla permit for the subsequent years of 2016 and 2017 will increase to $400 bringing along the $100 rise too.
The official Communication was passed by the Director of Tourism in the Uganda Wildlife Authority Mr. Raymond Engena while presenting at the Annual Tourism Forum held at Hotel Africana. However, Uganda Wildlife Authority did not come with the increment only. The body has offered a promotion for the Chimpanzee Permits in the Kibale National Park. The travelers who will be undertaking Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda in the months of April, May and November will be able to secure their respective permits at $100 other than the $150.
The extension of the promotional discount to the Chimpanzees as well presents a balanced cost spread favoring the world travelers that wish to explore the primates of Uganda at a low cost. This is anticipated to in turn increase the arrivals of Uganda safari undertakers.
For the Uganda Wildlife safari sites like National Parks and the game reserves, the Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to maintain the fees that have been in operation in the year 2015. Interestingly, the Vehicle entry in the protected Areas has for long been paid in Shillings but the body has fixed $15 for each Van’s entry this assisting the travelers to pay in the currency of their choice. The self-drive travelers on safari in Uganda would definitely benefit from this arrangement as it eases their travel and access to the parks.
The discounted gorilla permits in Uganda are supposed to be paid in full and they are non-refundable. This requires for keen choice of travel dates by travelers other than acting out of speculation so as to avoid the loss of their hard earned money.

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