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The easiest and the hardest gorilla trekking family in Rwanda – Rwanda safari news

rwanda mountain gorillas -safaris tourIt is always a common question amongst Rwanda gorilla trekking safari undertakers as they are inquisitive to know the easiest or the hardest gorilla family that they can encounter in the famed Volcanoes National Park.
The Volcanoes National Park with its ten (10)habituated gorilla families have positioned its self as a destination gorilla safaris in Rwanda and among these families, there includes Susa, Kwitonda, Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Agashya among others. The issue of which gorilla family that pose a tough a climb cannot be ignored in the heads and hearts of the gorilla trekkers as travelers tend to want to understand the whole experience that surround the activity.
One should note that there are many things that are involved in a gorilla trekking experience which in turn makes the question of the easiest and hardest gorilla group to track a bit difficult to answer directly. The days are not the same and the experience changes too. One day, you may hear that the traveler has been brought back on a stretch due to prolonged walk while on another day, you hear that others are back even before the midday and yet the gorilla family is the same.
The gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park includes in two distinct phases. The first phase incorporates hiking from the vehicle park to the forests and the boundary of the national Park and this takes about 30 – 60 minutes according to the travelers speed and the group to be tracked. The other trek takes you to the forest in the search for the critically endangered mountain gorillas which is times located by the trackers by the time the Rwanda gorilla safari undertakers approach the edge of the forest.
The beginning session of the gorilla trek is predictable and it is at times flat and less demanding unless if the person is trekking the Susa A gorilla group which has got a relatively steeper and longer ascend. The second part of the trekking experience is not predictable and it depends on the location of gorilla family to be tracked on that day and the nature of the terrain en route. The range of other factors that determine the toughness of the hike include the vegetation density which brings in crawling and bending and the issues of rainfall which makes the ground slippery and muddy.
The age factor is at times important and has got an influence on the matter too. The travelers below the age of forty (40) might find it easier to track all other gorilla families in Rwanda apart from Susa A. A cross section of ages in 50s and 60s on a gorilla safari in Rwanda have always found it challenging to maintain the hiking pace requiring them to have regular breaks to keep up with breathing.
The most significant factor about the gorilla trekking activeness is the gorilla family that has been allocated to you. The Susa A dwells in the high slopes of Karisimbi Volcanoes posing a steeper and challenging climb for travelers on Rwanda gorilla tour while Sabyinyo can be noted as the more reliable group that can be reached in a straight forward manner. The hikes to Amahoro and Umubano also pose a challenging hike though not as Susa A. The groups of Hirwa, Kwitonda and the group 13 present a less challenging hike.
However, it is important to note that the mountain gorillas are also wild animals and their movements cannot be determined. Thus, their encounter may change for as days change. Also, there is no previous guarantee on which gorilla family one is going to track while on gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda. However, the park staff gives consideration to the client interests according their requests and affordability. The 30 year dwellers tend to explore the Susa A while the opposite go for the relaxed Sabyinyo group.
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