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The east African tourism platform coordinator steps down – Uganda safari news

east africaThe East African Tourism Platform (EATP) which was formed three years back operates in the East Africa fraternity bringing together destinations in region to lobby at regional level and at the level of National governments for the enhancement of travel including tours to Uganda.
Ever since its inception, the famous Waturi Wa Matu has been the coordinator at it offices which are based in Nairobi Kenya and connected to Kenya Federation services. It was easier for Waturi to sound across the region as she wasn’t strange person to the tourism fraternity in the region. This tourism filled lady reached here and there in quest of furthering the tourism interest and helping national tourism associations to be heard and their causes taken seriously and aim at promoting common policies of the tourism industry at the regional level. This aimed at increasing the tourist arrivals including those that undertake safari tours in Uganda.
The folks go ahead to mention that let it be a tourism conference, local festival or an international tourism trade fair, Waturi could hardly miss as she appeared on her routine of talking the tourism gospel and bringing out the message of the significance of tourism in the East African region. From this, Waturi had become a centerpiece, kingpin in the move of lifting the importance of tourism in the regional government circles.
As things do not last forever, Waturi had to wave bye to her credited role and open the doors for any successor to come in. Waturi noted that infrequent Tourism and Wildlife Management Secretarial meetings of the East African Community, the conflict of interest national versus regional and different levels of tourism development in the partner states.
Waturi is credited for advocating for the single tourism Visa, foreign residents visa-free travel, use of IDs as travel documents for citizens, free movement of tourism services, partial liberalization of EAC Air space and joint Marketing initiatives. These initiatives have already started having a positive effect on the regional travel including Uganda safaris and tours. Other initiatives like national tourism inter-ministerial stake holder’s forums, joint marketing initiatives to enhance regional destination competitiveness, technical support for national Associations are ongoing. The 2 edition of the East African Tourism Guide will be out by early 2016 with the first edition having given out 6000 copies. This guide is expected to grow business networks in East Africa and beyond.
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