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The east Africa’s single tourism visa gains ground

east africaThe East African Tourism Platform is counting on the gains of the Single tourism visa to enhance the tourist arrivals in the region including those that undertake Uganda tours. The Platform notes that from the introduction of Single Tourism Visa in the month of February 2014, the usage of it has multiplied threefold.
The East Africa’s Single Tourism Visa was initiated by the concerted efforts of the partner states to ensure that the region is marketed to the world travelers that undertake safaris to the area including tours in Uganda as a single destination.
The move to identifying the flagship events that defines the member countries and working together to support one another in making them famous and suit in the regional calendar is considered a right step to making usage of the Single Visa. The engagement of one another to ascertain the solutions to the challenges did not exist previously thus its initiation is considered as a new dawn in the right direction.
The East African Single Tourism Visa that apparently applies to the states of Uganda along with Kenya and Rwanda is obtained in the market at $100 for each person and the immigration Authorities in any of the three countries have the capacity to issue it. The Visa whether obtained in either Uganda or Rwanda and Kenya gives the travelers including  Uganda tour undertakers to visit all the named states in a period not more than 90 days.
The East African Platform headed by its regional coordinator Nibigira takes the pride in the initiative and acknowledges the gains that so far have been realized as it is estimated that a count of 4,000 single tourist Visas have been given out from the date of its launch.
It can be noted that the Single entry visa for the whole region is not only cost effective but also saves a plenty of time. The time that would be spent at the arrival point while entering each country would be limited to only once from thrice in case the traveler requires visiting all the three countries.
It can be noted that East Africa is a traveler paradise offering all sorts of leisure products that world travelers might be interested in. Talk of the classic game in Masaai Mara including the great migration, the mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, the chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, the great heritage tours arising from the cultures of East Africa including the famous Karamajong and Masaai, the adventure exploration to the Africa’s highest Kilimanjaro, the Africa’s second highest Mount Kenya and the Africa’s third highest Mount Rwenzori, the expanse water bodies including Lake Victoria shared between the three states, the Nile River which is the longest on the globe, the historical genocide sites for Rwanda, the coastal beaches of Kenya, the tree climbing lions of Ishasha encountered on tour in Uganda and many other interesting aspects that would entice a world traveler to undertake a trans boundary safari in the region and utilize the Single tourism Visa.

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