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The effect of Community Tourism in Uganda – Uganda Safaris

Community kidepo national park ugandatourism is one of the initiatives which have contributed to the increase Uganda safaris .This initiative is headed by UCOTA which is an organisation based on promoting community tourism in Uganda. Its aim is to make sure that the community benefits from the tourism sector, especially those communities which are near to the tourist attractions.

In order to increase safaris to Uganda, the initiative aims at enhancing the livelihood of the rural people through encouraging community tourism, this is done through encouraging the local communities to participate in the development of tourism through encouraging craft making near the national parks were they can be able to earn some income to improve their livelihoods.

For example in Bigodi, the community has set up a new initiative to encourage tourists to come for safaris in Bigodi by conserving the wetland which promotes bird watching and primate watching to the visitors, this is in addition to the craft making which is encouraged by the local community, thus these activities have earned the local community a lot of money hence improving their lives.

Community tourism has helped in promoting Ugandan safaris through the tourist attractions which have been attracting many tourists to come for tour adventures to Uganda. Community tourism has been developed almost in many tourists destinations mainly in National Parks were community participation has been enhanced to the local people.

UCOTA has worked had to make sure that the local people can also benefit from the development of tourism in their communities, this has been through encouraging the tourism management to provide a percentage of the revenue generated from the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda to the local community so that they can also develop, UCOTA has also done this through encouraging infrastructural development like roads in the communities, and also providing jobs to the local people especially in the hotels, which money will help to improve the lives of the Local People.  

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