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The effect of Kenya’s attack on Uganda’s tourism sector- Uganda safaris

west gate mall terrorist attackKenya’s attack of the west gate mall has greatly affected Uganda safaris since many visitors who were supposed to travel to East Africa especially Kenya and Uganda. These had flights which have been cancelled due to the attack which has scared the many visitors to come for their safaris.

The insecurity which is going on with in Kenya has economically affected Uganda since the movement of people with in the country has been limited and this has proved a problem since the tourists who came for safaris in Uganda and they supposed to have an extension to Kenya attraction have not been able to complete their safaris.

The tourists who came for safaris in Kenya were also affected since all the village market shopping malls and the nakumat stores were all closed due to attack that had happened to the west gate mall, this affected the tourists since they had no where to shop from.

The tourists who were supposed to have their flights to and from Kenya, have been affected since they have decided to cancel their safaris to Kenya and Also Uganda since their flights have been postponed and others cancelled.

Kenya‘s tourism industry has been affected since it has been preparing to host two major conferences for tourism, that’s to say; the African Hotels Investment Forum and another one is to be about the tourism, Uganda’s tourism minister is expected to attend the conference, however the attacked has made safaris to Kenya and Uganda to be low since many tourists from all over the world have decided to cancel their visits.

Since the tourism sector is considered to be the top revenue generators in Kenya, the attack on this mall has greatly affected tourism especially those tourists who enjoy shopping and visiting happening places. There are many foreigners who got killed in the attack which means that even tourists were killed all the same. This has affected safari visits with in Kenya and in the neighboring country.

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