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The effect of stray animals to the local communities-Uganda safari News

heldWildlife species are entitled to staying in the national parks and this means that they should not affect the local people who stay around the national parks. Recently elephants in Murchison falls national park attacked local people outside the park and killed some of them, this is so dangerous since it brings about decreased numbers of people who come for safari tours to Uganda since they are scared for their lives.

 The park management should put in a lot of efforts in the way they prevent the animals from entering into people’s homes. This should be done through putting up fences around the national parks so that the animals can be prevented from getting out in order to prevent them killing people and also destroying people’s crops, this will help in encouraging the local people to engage in tourism development and at the same time encouraging more tourist to come for safaris to Uganda.

In order to prevent this from happening again, the UWA rangers should take serious precautions so that the animals can be well protected and shouldn’t get out of the park . The park should put serious security so that the tourists who come for safari visits shouldn’t be affected by the stray animals.

The park management should come up to teach the local people on how they can avoid the stray animals and on how they can avoid being hurt. The management should put up fences around the park so that the animals should be kept inside the parks hence preventing them from going near the local communities. This will also help in increasing the number of people who visit the national parks.

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