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The effect of Terrorism to the development of Uganda‘s Tourism sector – Uganda Safaris

terrorist attack on ugandaTerrorism is one of the factors which have continued to scare the growth of the tourism sector in Uganda. This has become a big threat since it has reduced the number of Uganda safaris, hence affecting the tourism in the country.

Counter attacks that happen to Uganda as a country also affect the tourism sector, since many tourists cancel or abandon their safaris to Uganda because of the attacks; this affects the revenues of the country since the number of tourists who come to the country decreases hence affecting the development of the country.

Uganda needs to create a continental Police in the country so that enough security is provided in the country and to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda. The security should be tight in order to protect the country from the terrorist attacks that can affect the sector at any time.

The Tourism officials from the tourism police should be placed in the different tourist destinations especially the national parks which are frequently visited by the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda. This will help to tighten security for the visitors and the country as well.

The government should also come up to stop such counter attacks which can happen to the country through encouraging peace talks with the attackers so that they can stop such incidences from happening to the country , hence helping to increase the number of Ugandan safaris.

In additional to the terrorist attacks, the tourism sector is affected by parching or hunting of wildlife especially in the national parks and the forests, lack of enough support from the government is affecting the sector, poor infrastructures like the roads which lead to the tourist destination, these have greatly affected the number of Uganda safaris.

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