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The encounters of river Nile at wild waters lodge – Uganda safari news

Wildwaters-Lodge-jinjaThe amazing roaring sound of the ancient Nile Rapids present a remarkable encounter that have always left travelers on Uganda safaris and tours in a state of amazement. It is amazing to encounter this wonder while putting your head to rest or taking a soothing sun-downer.
The Wild waters Lodge perched on an Island between two remarkable rapids on the mystical waters of the Nile River which is the longest in the world is far from just an accommodation center. The lodge that saw its construction start and eventually opening in the year 2010 has had a touch on the lives of the local people that surround the area. For example around 150 locals participated in its construction.
The materials that were used to put together this lodge including the 8m long gum poles were ferried to the Muyanja area in the local wooden canoes that are still used by the guests to access the lodge. The lodge’s environs are gifted with a range of birds including African grey parrots, crested cranes and African fish eagles. The white throated cormorants always frequent the restaurant front on the roaring rapids. All this makes it impressive to encounter the Nile from the wild waters lodge while on a safari in Uganda.
The suites at Wild waters lodge have got local names and boast of spacious wash basins and beds extracted from Muyanja’s pink granite. The setting of the restaurant overlooking the rapids poses a dramatic encounter and yet peaceful calling upon the Uganda safari undertakers to gaze at the rolling hills on the other side of the Nile River while enjoying thrilling five course meal.
Apart from taking a sun-downer at the wild waters rock pool, the guests also have a remarkable encounter with the spa or facial along with Island guided walks or sharing beer with the local people on the main land. The adventurers and go for an encounter with rapids, jet boat or do the bungee jumping on the Nile River.
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