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The Entebbe zoo (uwec) ; an adequate representation of Uganda’s ecosystems– Uganda safari news

uganda wildlife education centreAfter a Safari and Tour to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), your perspective on a zoo totally changes. Unlike many other “zoos” UWEC, which many Ugandans like to call “The Entebbe Zoo”, was established to serve the purpose of an orphanage, asylum point and healing center for Uganda’s wildlife species.
The 72 acre establishment was first created in 1952 by the then British colonial government to provide a home for animals which had been rescued from poachers, illegal wildlife traders; and other animals which had survived accidents. It was advised in 1956 to include a prime collection unit for baby wildlife species whose parents had been poached or who had died as a result of sicknesses (similar to the purported reason orphanages are formed).
In 1960 the establishment was transformed into a zoo and this saw the introduction of exotic species like the tigers and bears which unfortunately cease to exist today. The Ugandan government converted the zoo into the wildlife education center in 1994 which tourists on Uganda Safaris and Tours can visit today.
Located just 40km from Kampala and 5km from Entebbe International Airport; and adjacent to Lake Victoria, UWEC provides the best summary of the greater ecosystems to which most Tours and Safaris in Uganda are directed; including the Forest, Savanna and Wetland ecosystems. If you love the color green, then UWEC will serve you with much of that. Its many species of trees, grasses and plants simulate the life that spreads throughout a Nation State called Uganda.
Like has always been, all the animals therein were not captured but rescued or born within UWEC’s perimeters. The faunal population surpasses the number 200 and represents over fifty (50) stunning species that can be found in Uganda’s protected areas including four of the big five game: the Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Rhinoceros; primates including a healthy population of the world’s closest relative the chimpanzee; the world’s fastest and largest flightless bird, the ostrich; uncommonly seen bird species like the Shoebill Stork; reptiles including crocodiles, snakes of all colors, lengths and sizes, and the monitor lizards.
Tours and Safari and guests to Uganda’s wildlife education center in Entebbe also have the opportunity to see the most respected fowl species in Uganda which features on the Uganda National Flag. The adorably graceful Crown Crane, which we like to call “Crested Crane” makes daily executive visits to UWEC.
Adding to the Nature walks through UWEC’s dirt paths, tourists can also enjoy a domesticated ride on a donkey or a camel, or they can walk along the Lake Victoria shoreline to enjoy the breeze that blows from the third largest Fresh Water Lake in the world.
The center has very knowledgeable storytellers who will take you through all the sectors of the zoo and will explain all the different species represented in the wildlife education center. Perhaps you will leave well-equipped and very knowledgeable about environmental conservation and preservation; which is one of the main goal of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC).

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