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The fascinating historic moment when mountain gorillas were encountered drinking water

gorilla drinking waterThe mountain gorillas unlike other wildlife always explored on gorilla safaris in Rwanda are noted not to be fans of water drinking especially from the streams and lakes since they get most of the moisture from the food along with morning dew.
In acknowledgment of this, the International gorilla researcher Dian Fossey had noted in her journals that the mountain gorillas featured a dislike for rain and could dislike the water in general as they try to cross the streams in their habitats without getting themselves wet as at times explored by travelers on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris.
However as wildlife remains wildlife despite the considerable human encounter, the mountain gorillas were one day found in the 2013 rainy season drinking water in the massif of Virunga by Jean Felix Kinani a Rwandan Researcher which was a fascinating moment not only to him but to the world that received the breaking news of the event that had been noticed.
Kinani on his routine check for gorilla health was tracking the Hirwa gorilla group one of the ten gorilla groups that are explored on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda on 16th April 2013 in his capacity as a veterinary doctor came a cross Munyinya Silverback along with other individuals utilizing the back of their hand to drink water which was a unique observation ever recorded among the mountain gorillas which are noted to be ascertaining great count of their fluid consumption from the vegetation that they consume.
The researcher encountered the group along the Rwebeya stream that traverses the Volcanoes National Park and is always a river of considerable size in the rainy season at times causing damage to the houses adjacent to it. The observation was notably unique and the first of its kind to be recorded among the critically endangered apes – the mountain gorillas.
At times the mountain gorillas especially the infants play in shallow water pools in the dry season. They like viewing their reflections at times pondering that it might be another gorilla down there and they tend to make gestures and attempt to touch their viewed reflection. But the case of encountering them on the stream in the rainy season drinking water was rare and the first of its kind.
The mountain gorillas with about 880 populations noted to be remaining in the wild are spread in three locations namely the Virunga massif connecting Rwanda, Uganda and Congo and forming a rich ground for gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Rwanda and Uganda and the second habitat being Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that form the ground for gorilla safaris in Uganda.

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