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The hills of Nkuringo; a mystery beyond mountain gorillas – Uganda safari news

gorilla safaris to ugandaNkuringo found in the South West of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is always encountered by travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda is one of those memorable areas that pose a unique setting that will put the whole visit beyond the gorillas.
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has 400 of the 880 mountain gorillas that are currently thriving in the wild and Nkuringo is gifted to be one of the four regions where gorilla trekking is carried out. The other regions include Rushaga, Buhoma and Ruhija.
Of all the regions, Nkuringo is the furthest close to the Democratic Republic of Congo boarder presenting a prolonged connection for travelers on gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda. Driving to Nkuringo can be regarded as one of the scenic drives that you can ever have in Africa. The best of would be drawn if you branch at Muko sacrificing the tarmac Kisoro road for the rough muraam road that passes through Rushaga.
The Kigezi highlands are at their best when it comes to this area. The rolling hills and the rugged landscape automatically are never friendly for the vehicle, driver and passengers. However, do not pour your heart out, the local drivers have accumulated a great experience driving through such roads and would maneuver through them as if they are on urban smooth roads. This in fact has made them to earn remarkable credit from the travellers who are very terrified the nature of the roads but only to drive through triumphantly. This experience is added to their over all traveller experience while on their Uganda gorilla safari.
Holding the drive aside, the Nkuringo area is unique. The Virunga massif lies in your full sight. Viewing the peaks of eight Virunga Volcanoes as they stretch from Uganda to Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo is amazing. The raised altitude of Nkuringo brings the natural wonders of the Impenetrable forests to light. It is great to see the clouds being formed live. This makes the experience to go beyond mountain gorillas
Though it has an extended drive than the rest of the regions, Nkuringo has a reward for this.
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