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The hot springs and cool birds of Semiliki National Park – Uganda safaris

game drives in uganda national game parksSemuliki National park is one of Uganda’s national parks which have promoted Uganda safaris and many tourists have been attracted to the hot springs which are found at Semuliki National Park. The Park is famous for the Sempaya male and female hot springs. They bubble up from the depths of the earth to demonstrate the powerful subterranean forces that have shaped the Rift valley over the last 14 million years.

Uganda safari can greatly expose you to these natural springs which have a geyser shooting up from an eight- meter wide hole at hot temperatures. It is the largest of its kind in the Uganda. These hot springs have greatly acted as a great tourist attraction in Semuliki National Park.

Tourists who come for visits to Uganda have greatly carried out many activities on the hot springs and there are also many other activities which are carried out which include; Watching of primates like the grey – checked mangabey, the red tailed monkey,  Elephants, chimpanzees and the more localised De Brazza’s monkey and pygmy antelope.

A birding safari can be carried out at the Mungilo waterfalls which is a heaven for attractive birds, especially if you are a birder, the birds include; the black dwarf hornbill, shining blue kingfisher and yellow throated nicator and many other birds can be watched at Semuliki National Park.

The National Park has many tourist activities which are carried out and these include; Nature Walks within the forest, a boat cruise on Lake Albert which exposes the visitors to variety of animals, the Semuliki River which also supports spot fishing by the tourists. All these activities have greatly attracted many tourists to at least book a tour to Uganda.

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