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The impact of customer service in Rwanda’s Tourism- Rwanda Safaris & Tours updates

mother-twins-gorillasRwanda’s tourism is the main income earner in the country, and so it’s supposed to be well managed in order to increase the number of safaris to Rwanda. This therefore has brought in the government to encourage good customer service in all the sectors of the tourism industry in order to help in managing the tourism sector in Uganda.

The tourism board of Rwanda always launches the customer service week in the entire private and the public organizations with the main purpose of rewarding and recognizing the people who deliver excellent service with in the tourism sector; this has always helped in increasing Rwanda Safaris and also developing the tourism sector.

With increased customer service, Rwanda can continue getting an additional 40 dollars from different tourism sectors like the lodges, hotels, and in the main tourist attractions. This will also help in attracting more people to come for safari visits to Rwanda.

Better service delivery enables quicker business decisions which helps to improve turnover rates that enables economic activities to happen faster, which enables the economy to grow by about 11.5% over the next year. This increases the revenues of the sector and at the same helping in increasing safaris in Rwanda.

Rwanda has set up and also put in place different programmes which will help in teaching tourism professionals about service delivery in lodges, hotels, and other accommodation sectors which support the tourism sector. This will help in increasing the safari tours to Rwanda.

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