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The importance of Uganda safaris to the local communities – Uganda safaris

lake mburo uganda wildlifeThere are many Uganda safaris operated with in the protected areas, and it’s always recommended that the local communities benefit from the tourist visits. Tourists might not have any idea of what this means, but the communities around the tourist attractions are bound to benefit from the tourism which is carried out in those areas.

The communities which are found in and around protected areas have benefited from the employment opportunities which have improved their lives. These incentives which the local people gain from tourism have helped in encouraging the local people to protect the ecosystems and the animals which in return has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

The local people have continued to benefit from the safaris carried out with in parks through being employed as tour guides since they are well versed with the information of the area, through encouraging them to make crafts which is sold to the tourists who come for tour visits.

For example in the Mgahinga National Park, a Batwa forest walk contributes to the commun ity , since the revenue generated is given to the Batwa people to support their  households, this has helped these people to improve their live hoods hence improving the way they view the safaris carried out in Mgahinga forest National Park.

Through encouraging the local people to participate in tourism, Uganda safari entrance fees to National parks has been divided, and 20 percent of the amount is given to the local communities in order to develop themselves.

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