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The indiginous karimojong visit – Uganda safari news

karamoja visit in ugandaThe indigenous Karimojong thrive high in the mountain of Morungole in the Uganda safari destination of Kidepo Valley National Park to the north east of Uganda. The Indigenous Karimojong are a small group of people that range between 10,000 – 11,000 numbers and are noted to have migrated from Ethiopia first settling in Kenya and then eventually settling in Kidepo Valley National Park.
The Indigenous Karimojong are known to be hunter gather culture but they later abandoned hunting due to continued interference from the Pokot cattle keepers and government interference in the 1960s and as a result, they pushed to the mountainous landscapes of Morungole for harmonious living where they can be found today while on safaris in Uganda.
It is noted that the indigenous Karimojong were the initial tribal group to migrate to the north east of Uganda and to them their naming means the head of migration or the first ones to settle there. Visiting the Indigenous Karimojong in their dwelling place in the mountainous landscapes of Morungole involves and an intensive hike which stretch to a whole day experience on your Uganda safaris and tours.
The tour to the indigenous Karimojong exposes you to in depth encounter of the traditions of the indigenous Karimojong and amazing scenic landscapes of the Morungole Mountains, Karamoja plains and the south Sudan Mountains. The encounter brings you closer to the indigenous Karimjong traditions such as their mode of paying bride wealth where 5 to 10 bee hives are offered other than cattle, how children at their tender age live with their grandmother or with one another, the practice of polygamy and the daily life of the Indigenous Karimojong people deriving remarkable memories on your safari in Uganda.
The indigenous Karimojong practices cultivation and bee-keeping since they stopped keeping cattle to avoid raids from the adjacent pastoralist communities. A tribe with 11,000 members is really considered endangered and as thus requires considerable attention. The exploration to the indigenous has not in any way been easy until the US Forest Service established a trail. There is also a driving option taking about 4 hour ride but it still remains a whole day adventure trekking the mountainous slopes in the company of the guide.
A traveller planning a safari to Uganda would definitely need to have some degree of fitness before including this hike in the itinerary. Mount Morungole towers up to 2,749m above sea level and hiking up to the upper slopes presents a challenging encounter. The Indigenous Karimojong are welcoming and have started to cherish tourism since it generates supplementary income to their community.
Their traditions are still authentic as they have been less disturbed by western values. In fact, the whole tribe has one girl currently at Kampala International University and will break the ground to be the first graduate of the entire tribe. The tour to explore the indigenous Karomojong can be incorporated in your Uganda wildlife safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.
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