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The interesting roadside vendors along Uganda’s highways – Uganda safari news

road side vendors- ugandaDriving along the highways during your safari and tour to Uganda is one of the most fascinating things you could ever think about or experience in the entire world. Uganda’s transportation system is an attraction in itself. From the conditions of the roads to the beauty that you drive past and not forgetting the craziness of the drivers along those highways; Uganda is just an entertaining place to be.
While on your Uganda tour and safari you will discover that along the highways (especially those leading to the most satisfying places like the National Parks) are several stopover points but these are not any ordinary stopovers. These are places to catch some of the tastiest pieces of roasted meat, chicken, cassava, fruits and frigid drinks; mentioning just a few. You might have packed enough food and water for your road trip but the things sold at the stopovers are not something you have ever tasted and  many a time not be readily available in the modern restaurants of Kampala. If they are, they are not this tasty.
For some highways it only takes about 45 minutes until you arrive at one of these stopovers while for others it is an hour plus but you can be assured of driving into one. You might want to inform your driver about your intentions to stop at one of these magical places before setting off for your safari in Uganda.
When you arrive at one of the roadside vending stops, you will not have to call these ambitious sellers to your vehicle but before you even stop, you will see roasted meat mounted on sticks probing through your open windows while some ladies hospitably ask whether you would like some water or soda. What is more interesting is the fact that you might use a dollar or two to get yourself too much food and drink that will take you through the next couple of hours of your road journey.
The most popular stopover points are along the road leading from Kampala to the western National Parks of Uganda through the towns of Masaka and Mbarara at a place called Lukaya. Another famous one is along the road leading to Fort Portal town (where the world’s youngest monarch has his palace) at a place called Mubende. There is another vendor point as you drive towards the source of the Nile in Jinja. These go-getting business men along the Kampala-Jinja highway call their market place “Namawojolo” and when you are here, make sure to ask for some hot “gonja”.
As part of the travel experiences on your Uganda Safari make sure to get yourself some of these delicious items while changing the lives of the people by offering them a living. Uganda is naturally a mind-boggling place to be; everything about this small landlocked country has something interesting about it. You can never run out of things to see, and do while in Uganda.
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