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The journey to eastern Uganda; a remarkable odyssey

For many decades people from the east have always been known as the wise men because the sun always comes from the east. The journey from Kampala, the capital city heading to the east through towns of mukono and Lugazi before traversing mabira forest where you feel the breeze of the largest natural forest in Uganda presents a remarkable start on your Uganda safaris and tours.
Continuing on the drive to the cosmopolitan town of Jinja which has great history attached to it as the largest industrial town in Uganda before the Asians were expelled from Uganda by the infamous Idi Amin. The area contains the source of the mystical Nile River which is the longest in the world and highly sought after by travelers on safaris in Uganda.
You are already in Busoga land and thus under the leadership of Kyabazinga, the King of the Basoga. Take time to explore the customs, traditions and practices of the Basoga including the stories of their migration and the emergence of the Kingship that initially was not existing. The stretch of Tirinyi Road is very impressive. It is a flat landscape marked by swamps and plains where the River Mpologoma derives its waters before flowing to empty in Lake Kyoga one of the famous Uganda safari destinations.
Eventually, the journey enters the Masaba land which is the home of the Bagisu people that inhabit the surrounding areas of Elgon Mountain which they also refer to as Masaba noting that it is an embodiment of their founding father. These people are known world over for their mighty traditional circumcision ceremony named Imbalu where the male transit from childhood to manhood. This initially was a tribal practice with less concern for the outsiders and because of its uniqueness it has grown in popularity overtime and now when it is its season world travelers plan safaris to Uganda to be part of it. The ceremonies would be incomplete without Kadodi dance which is among the best traditional dances in Uganda.
From Mbale, the drive is still on until you reach Sipi Area where the famous Sipi Falls is located. The views of the falls from a far or hiking up to its top are all rewarding. Spending an overnight cannot be troublesome considering the range of accommodation units in Sipi Area ranging from affluent Sipi River lodge to the medium Lacam lodge and the Basic Crowns Nest Camp all featuring the views of Sipi falls.
Besides hiking Sipi falls, you could also do a journey break to climb the Elgon Mountain which requires a minimum of four (4) days for the shorter trail. Alternatively, you can undertake a one day hike to explore its foothills. Remember Mount Elgon is the fourth tallest in East Africa but was once the tallest in Africa before the denudation forces did it a disservice. This combines to make the journey to the east a memorable wonder of a life time and worth encountering while in Uganda.

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