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The key road exclusion welcomed in bad faith by the tourism players – Uganda safari news

Following the reading of 2015/16 national budget, the continuity in construction of Iganga – Kaliro and Musita – Majanji roads as the key road projects to be accomplished in the districts of Kamuli and Jinja seemed not enough for the tourism players in the area which tend to receive Uganda safari undertakers.
The neglecting of the Jinja – Buyende road that stretches for 140km connecting to the sites of Bujagali, Itanda, Kagulu and Iyongo which are frequented by travelers on safaris in Uganda is seen as a weakness on the budget formulation team. The tourism players in the area expected the key road projects in that area to include the road that starts from Amber court – Lubanyi – Kamuli to Kagulu.
The resident in the area regretted that it was unfortunate to neglect such a road to remain with potholes and gullies despite its contribution to the development of tourism in the region and Uganda at large as it helps the travelers on Uganda safaris and tours to connect to their preferred micro destinations bringing with them foreign exchange.
The road which has been noted by various industry players including the tour operators in Jinja to be of a disservice to the tourist vehicles resulting into unwanted stoppages and breakdown definitely needed consideration in the national budget so that it can be fixed.
The decline in the quality of roads in the area is noted to be the leading cause of the decreasing tourist numbers visiting it. The transport fares have been hiked since the transport providers need to put in consideration vehicle breakdown and maintenance costs. This at times occurs in other parts of the country causing an effect on the number of safaris to Uganda.
The National Budget of 2015/16 earmarked the 30.8 billion Shillings dedicated to improving the tourism sector in the country and the transport infrastructure was allocated 3,328.7 billion Shillings. The tourism industry according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics report stands as the leading foreign exchange earner having fetched 1.4 US Dollars.
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