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The king of Ngamba Island found dead.-Uganda Safaris & Tours news

ngamba chimpsMika, who was the king of the Ngamba Island which is located in at Lake Victoria, near Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. This Island has got 48 chimpanzees which are frequently visited by tourists who come to Uganda; this has helped in increasing chimpanzee safaris to Uganda hence helping in raising more revenue to the tourism sector.

The search for Mike was ended yesterday in Ngamba Island when he was certainly found dead in the forest, His body was decomposing, and his body was found amidst broken branches, which showed that Mica was eaten by a crocodile or was certainly kidnapped by poachers. Mika was an interesting primate and used to attract many visitors who would come for chimpanzee trekking.

Mika was certainly missed by the rest of the chimps and this shows that he was a strong leader, who could take care of the young ones and would also protect all the chimps in the family. Other chimpanzees mourned for him since they liked him as their leader, this good leadership of Mika attracted many chimpanzee tracking safaris.

Mika will be given a decent burial at Ngamba Island where he has been king for a long period of time, the cause of his death however has been mainly attached to the poachers who keep on attacking the animals at the island, and this has affected the chimps since they are reducing in number, hence affecting chimpanzee trekking safaris.

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