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The ministry Tourism in Uganda is to issue new guidelines

To further boost the Uganda safari/Uganda tours/Uganda safaris sector in Uganda, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities has compiled a new set of rules/guidelines that will see the amendment of the 1996 Tourism Act. If adopted, these will suit the current trend as well as cater for the emerging issues in the steadily growing Uganda safaris/Uganda safari/Uganda tours sector.

The oil and gas mining activities are Top on the list of those to be regulated for of is not catered for in the old Act this is a new discovered resource in Uganda yet it directly affects the Uganda safaris/Uganda safari sector. Stake holders from the ministry of Tourism, Uganda Wild Life Authority and other wildlife conservation organisations, all want to incorporate policies/guidelines to legalise oil and gas mining without endangering the natural habitats of wild animals /creatures in the protected areas that form the basis to the Uganda safaris sector.

In spite of the fact that 80 per cent of all oil wells are located in protected areas, mining in such reserves is an illegal according to the 1996 Tourism Act.
This much needed review, therefore, wants to reach a legal binding agreement/mandate on the co-existence of Uganda`s wildlife which are the core of the Uganda Safari/Uganda safaris industry, and oil and gas mining activities but minimizing potential and actual harm to not only these wild animals but also to the surrounding people and the general environment so that those who safari to Uganda can enjoy their existence.

Mr Akankwasa Barirega, the principle wildlife officer in the Ministry of Tourism, said there was genuine need to update the current law to macth with the current changes since the enactment of the current laws.

As Mr Barirega said, “Very many things have come since then. There was discovery of oil and gas which have to be exploited,”

It is our prayer that what ever changes/updates equally protect the Uganda safari/Uganda tour or the Uganda safaris tourist attraction and fuel as well.

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