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The most missing links in the tourism sector – Uganda safaris & Tours

baby gorillaUganda’s tourism has not been well developed due to the missing links which are taking place within the tourism sector; these missing links have greatly affected the tourism sector since it has reduced the number of safaris to Uganda, hence leading to the underdevelopment of the tourism sector.

The biggest missing link in Uganda’s tourism sector is the lack of marketing of the tourism potentials with in the country. This lack of marketing has reduced Uganda safaris since it has reduced promotion of the sector.

There is still lack of standards in Uganda’s hotels, which are not satisfying the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. Most of the lodges and the hotels in the tourist destinations especially in the national parks are still of low standards which has proved a problem since tour visits have gradually reduced.

Since Uganda receives 300,000 visitors annually, these always visit the national parks; this shows that the number of safaris in Uganda is improving; however the number of tourists would be high if marketing and investment in the tourism facilities is improved.

The promotion of local tourism is another missing link in Uganda’s tourism sector. This sector has been wanting for a long period of time which has reduced the country‘s revenue. More so, the number of Ugandan participating in safaris has not been high, therefore there is need to encourage the local people to participate in Tourism so that the industry can be improved.

The private tour operators have not also put much emphasis on promoting domestic tourism which is so important for the development of the industry in Uganda. This will help in increasing Uganda safaris with in the country if well handled.

Another missing gap which is affecting safaris in Uganda is the low funding of the tourism sector which has limited the development of the sector hence bringing about poor development of the tourism sector in Uganda compared to other East African countries. Therefore the government needs to increase the finances given to the tourism sector.


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