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The Mountain gorillas Theories – Uganda Safaris & Tours updates

gorilla trekking safariMountain gorillas have been drastically increasing in the world which has helped in improving gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda as well as Rwanda, the increase of mountain gorillas is greatly attributed to the conservation projects which are carried out in order to protect the lives of the mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorillas were known in 1902 and since then they have been attracting many tourists to come for mountain gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda since Bwindi has got half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the wild.

Mountain gorillas are also found at high altitudes in montane forests and bamboo forests and they usually consist of a single silverback who dominates the whole group, there is an overlap in the groups and the territories, the silverback is also responsible for defending the group and the territory, A gorilla trekking safaris which avail you with more unique features of the mountain gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are also found in Virunga Volcanoes which are located in Democratic Republic of Congo, and also in Volcanoes National park which is located in Rwanda and in Uganda; they are located in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, all these national parks have attracted many gorilla safaris which have helped in increasing the revenues of the countries.

Mountain gorillas have got many threats which have brought about their extinction and some of the threats include; poaching, hutting, diseases, habitant loss, oil and gas exploration and also instability, all these have affected the number of gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

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