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The mountain gorilla trekking dressing code – Uganda gorilla safari news

mountain gorilla trekkingThe issue of the dress code of the mountain gorilla trekking encounter is very critical to most of the travelers that undertake gorilla safaris in Uganda. Tracking mountain gorillas is done in the forested habitats of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park all in the south west and thus getting out of the usual life in cities to head to the jungle for the gorilla adventure one is right to question the nature of dressing.
The challenging hilly landscapes where these gorillas are found cannot be missed while on your Uganda gorilla safaris and tours. Thus, putting on your sturdy shoes that are fit for walking, light to carry and firm on ground is one of the best avenues to neutralize the terrain. The dense jungle with thick undergrowth at times contains thorny bushes which would definitely pierce your skin with their nettles. This thus, makes the thick trousers and long sleeved tops suitable for the excursion as you wouldn’t wish to leave your skin in the forest.
The issue of color does not matter a lot as the mountain gorillas are well habituated and thus used to people. This means that whether you put on muted colors or bright ones, they would still get along with no problem. However, you would wish to save their eyes from the shouting colors that are opposite of their habitats. The matching color would be more ideal not to stress their eyes and think bad of your visit while on a gorilla safari in Uganda.
One needs to know that whatever the cloth, once he or she sets out to track gorillas the cloth has to get dirty. The slippery surfaces would see you feel the mud and your cloth would feel it too and a mark would be sustained also. Thus, do not mind about cleanliness when you are to embark on the gorilla trekking encounter. If you have in possession of pre muddied shoes, you can use them as well for the trekking experience. Additionally, the gardening gloves prove relevant. You would wish to get some support from the nearby tree branch while trying to negotiate with slippery muddy surfaces which puts you at high chances of grabbing thorny vegetation. In fact, many have opted for walking sticks to generate support as it is always encountered on Uganda gorilla safari tours.
In destinations like Bwindi where it can rain in any time of the day, it makes sense to carry along a waterproof bag of any given type. This is more ideal in the rainy seasons while the tropical sun can require you to carry a hat and sunglasses at any time of the year.
You would also wish to think of your stomach. The duration for gorilla trekking is unpredictable and can stretch up to 8 hours and this would actually be strenuous if you trekked challenging gorilla groups like Nkuringo. This means that you carry a packed lunch with you not to inconvenience other trekkers when you cannot push further because of empty stomach. The challenging landscapes presents an exercise of its own and definitely sweating may not be missed. This shows that drinking water is vital to avoid dehydration.
Also in the rainy seasons, the gorilla trekkers might want to safeguard their cameras. Thus, a water proof bag is recommended. Binoculars may not make more sense with gorilla viewing but if you wish to explore some birds en route, then you can carry it along with you.
Now, in situations where you need to carry much of these equipment including the gear and water, it is advisable to get a porter who is available locally at the starting point. This eases you weight and allows you to negotiate the challenging slopes with ease compared to if you had weight on you. This is a recommended dress code for the trekkers planning to undertake gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.
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