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The Musambwa tourism project launched by Mutagamba – Uganda Safari

Uganda safari industry is to benefit from a 10 year general management plan for Musambwa island tourism programme in Rakai district which was launched by Hon. Maria Mutagamba- the Minister of Tourism. Musambwa Island lies in Lake Victoria and is a breeding ground for birds that migrate from Europe and other parts of Africa and is internationally recognised as an important bird Area (IBA) designated by Ramsar Convention and Bird Life International, according to Fauna and Flora international country representative Dr Arthur Mugisha.

The management plan was formulated under the cultural values and conservation project implemented by Fauna and flora international and Rakai District Local Government.
She argued that the public should stop killing Birds since they have become part of the safari sector in Uganda today.

Furthermore, she noted that Musambwa Island has potential to fetch huge sums of money especially from foreign tourists who come for tour visits in Uganda because of its unique strong cultural values and rare birds hence attracting many tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.The tourism industry attracted a total of 1.16m tourists adding that the tourism sector is targeting 3m tourists this year.

Mutagamba noted that culture and leisure tourism should be promoted in order to encourage different tourists to visit the island. In addition to that, birds should be well protected and conserved so that tourism trips to Uganda are promoted in regard to the development of tourism industry.

Marketing of Ugandan cultures should be promoted since it’s interesting to learn more about our origins as said by the minister of Tourism, Hon Maria Mutagamba. For example, said that Kooki chiefdom of Rakai and the Kamuswaga cultural sites are great tourism sites that fetch income to the tourism industry.

Tourism at Musambwa Island project would create job opportunities through the tour guide initiatives and also this will be through encouraging home stays projects as a tourist activity hence promoting cultures as part of Uganda tours.

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