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The musaze caves exploration – Rwanda safari news

musanze caves -rwandaIn the north western of Rwanda, there lies not only the Volcanoes National Park which is known for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda but also we find the ancient Musaze caves that have presented themselves as one of the potential major attractions in the area.
Formed out of the Volcanic forces that hit the area in the prehistoric era approximately 65 million years ago, the Musaze Caves is one of the natural wonders lying in the Albertine rift marked with thirty one (31) entrances stretching for two (2) kilometers underground, making them worthy encountering while on safaris in Rwanda.
Musaze caves are apparently the most visited caves out of the fifty two (52) caves that were surveyed in the northern province of Rwanda. With a well-structured signage, the connection to Musaze caves cannot in anyway be confusing. The road that connects there is a dirty road and a bit bumpy presenting a touch of a real African massage.
The local people in particular the children tend to play their soccer, ride tyres and rope skipping besides these ancient natural features signifying that the feature is part of their heritage is not in any way new to them. The mouth and nose cover along with a torch helmet and a protective gear is required on your body before heading to the caves on your Rwanda safari. The guides are found armed with guns presenting a detailed sign of security. As it is noted that the caves were developed by the Rwanda Development Board in conjunction with Ministry of Defense Reserve Forces
The Musaze Caves are noted to have been developed from the lava basalt layers that flowed from the Sabyinyo and Bisoke Volcanic Mountains which form the chain of the eight (8) volcanoes that comprise the Virunga Massif which is one of the amazing scenic features that can be encountered by travelers on Rwanda safaris and tours.
Though the walking paths are clearly indicated, one is always engulfed with fear that the ground may collapse or a rock might fall which in turn adds on the remarkable memories thereafter. Like other caves, the Caves of Musaze have got rooms within a point as to why their explorers are argued to avoid diverting from the main guided route.

The Musaze Caves exploration can take about two (2) hours. The sights of the bats hanging on the cave roof upside down along with the various species of plants that have grown overtime on the walks and water dripping through the overhanging walls combine to reward you with a memorable cave exploration experience on your safari in Rwanda.
The Musaze Caves are rich in history and are significant to the people of Rwanda. These natural features are known to have provided a refigium for the Rwandese during the turbulent genocide time. It also acted as a hiding place and a store for the supplies in times of war in the pre-colonial Rwanda. Exploring the Musaze caves is considered as an encounter of its own and can be undertaken alone or as a supplement to gorilla trekking while on a gorilla safari in Rwanda.
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