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The National Budget to focus on Infrastructures-Uganda safari News

uganda national budgetUgandans were happy to hear that half of the budget was based on developing the infrastructures in Uganda so as to make Uganda have better facilities which will attract tourists to come for safaris in Uganda. This is an achievement to Ugandans because many things will be developed so as  to be able to compete with other countries and being really the pearl of Africa.

 The infrastructures include the roads, hotels, lodges, hospitals, schools and so many others. The aim is to uplift the tourism sector, Agriculture and so many others this is so because the roads will help provide good journeys to the tourists while on their Uganda safaris, the hotels and lodges will also provide comfortable sleeps to the tourists. This will therefore attract more tourists  for safaris to Uganda due to good services.

 The development of the tourism sector in Uganda will also help Uganda compete with other countries that participate in tourism hence making Uganda a top tourism destination. This will also give the tour operators the courage to work hard and attract more tourists to come and have Uganda safaris so as to occupy the hotels and also boost the economy of Uganda since tourism is the major foreign exchange earner.

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