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The Need to protect Virunga Mountain gorillas-Prime Uganda Safaris

uganda-gorilla-faceVirunga National Park was started in 1925 and it was the first park in Africa and also it’s considered as a UNESCO heritage site. Even though the park recently has been affected by serous poaching and a civil war, many gorilla trekking safaris have been attached to the park. The park has been seriously damaged by the war and many mountain gorillas have been killed hence reducing its Numbers though this has not affected gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Virunga’s mountain gorillas total to 480 and these live between 2300 and 4500m attitude range, most of the gorillas in Virunga live in the southern sector of the park. The park is surrounded by Rwanda and Uganda where the rest of the mountain gorillas are found. The park has attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Congo.

Virunga has a sector called the ‘Mikeno sector’ and it lies in the south east side of the park, it also boarders Rwanda and Uganda. It is a home to 200 mountain gorillas of those remaining in the world; these are endangered species that have tried to escape the war which is taking place in Congo. Even though, the area has been affected by war, tourists will soon resume mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Congo and the neighboring parts of Uganda and Congo.

Many game rangers have come up to adopt the young gorillas in order to protect them from any danger especially the war, this has helped to conserve and preserve these gorillas for future tourism.

More so, in order to protect the mountain gorillas of Virunga National park, the management should come up with strategies which will help to enforce the preservation and conservation of these endangered species so that gorilla tracking can be encouraged in the near future.

Mountain gorilla safaris are not only done in Congo, but also in Uganda where the tracking of these wonderful gorillas is done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in Rwanda the trekking of the mountain gorillas is done in Park de Volcano .

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