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The need to tap cultural tourism in Uganda – Uganda safaris news

cultural safaris in ugandaUganda gifted by nature is one of the great destinations in the East African region that pull various world travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda. The rich tourism products that are always encountered on Uganda safaris include mostly the wildlife.
This has for long created a lot of reliance of wildlife tourism neglecting other potential products that would help the country to reap much from the tourism industry. One of these products is cultural tourism.
With over 6 tribes, Uganda boasts of diverse cultural traditions and practices that present a wider product that can even increase the number of stay for travellers on safaris in Uganda. Some of the proprietors that have attempted to tap into this niche have reaped big. For example; the Igongo Cultural Center and Ndere Cultural Center have become a testimony of how much the cultural products can fetch when invested in.
Various institutions especially Universities have always had cultural galas show casing the various tribal traditions, dances and customs across the country and this has started to be seen as an event that all travellers to undertake a safari in Uganda.
For example, the Uganda Martyrs University last weekend conducted 17th annual cultural festival at Nkozi which is the Main Campus for the institution and a range of Student tribal Associations participated effectively. These included the RUMUSA from Rwenzori region, UMUA from Ankole, Basoga Nsette from Busoga and UMUGENSA from the North and greater East.
The range of dress codes was showcased dating from the ancient times to the modern day trends. The incorporation of dances, folks, art and craft exhibition left the crowd in memorable satisfaction.
These events and a range of other cultural festivities among various tribal groups in Uganda can be tapped to diversify the Uganda’s tourism product that would definitely supplement traditional safaris like the Uganda gorilla trekking safaris and tours.
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