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The New Elections of the Association of Uganda Tourism Board- safari News

The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) is an association that combines all the tour operators in the country Uganda. The association always has a cabinet that takes in charge of the duties done and sets all the necessities of the tour operators so that they can organize the best safaris in Uganda. This helps all the tour operators to carry on their businesses in the proper way hence giving tourist on their Uganda safaris the best they can.

On Tuesday Auto had elections of the new board and everything went all very well. The new elected chairperson is Ms. Adoso Barbra and the vice is Ms. Jackie Kemirembe Rubuubi, the treasurer is Costantino Tessarin and the secretary is Mr. Denis Ntege. There are also cabinet members that will help run the work therefore making Uganda a top tourist destination and increasing more safaris to Uganda.

The new chairperson Ms. Adoso Barbra during her speech said she is going to work hard and maintain the goodness that the previous cabinet had put in place so as to attract more Uganda safaris. She also said she will put more new policies in place so as to achieve the best from tourism hence attract more tourists to come and enjoy safaris in Uganda.

The Uganda Tourism board also promised to teach the Uganda tour operators very many things that are needed to boost tourism in Uganda so as to increase more safaris to Uganda. This is going to be done for the first six months. This will also help develop Uganda as well since tourism is the major foreign exchange earner. This will help provide employment opportunities to people hence fighting poverty in Uganda hence making Uganda the best tourist destination.

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by kwagala Roy

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