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The partnership of Rwanda and Kenya tour operators to promote tourism.

kenya Rwanda flagsThis partnership between Rwanda and Kenya tour operators is to help in strengthening the tourism sector so that the numbers of safari visits to both Kenya and Rwanda can be increased so as to promote the tourism sectors of these countries and also to Increase revenue earning.

Kenyan tour operators would greatly benefit from marketing the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, this is because Kenya doesn’t have mountain gorillas and this would help in it in increasing its safaris since many tourists will be visiting Kenya and at the same time Rwanda.

This will also help the two countries to share experience among themselves which will later help in increasing safaris to both countries. This will not only develop these two countries but also all the East African countries since there will also be free movement of tourists due to the single visa.

This will also help these two countries to increase their safari tours since there will be identifying of the tourism products which can be jointly promoted to the outside world hence helping in minimising the costs of marketing as a single country. This will help in the development of the tourism sector in the two countries.

The partnership will also help in developing of business to business deals which will help in increasing the tourist numbers in Rwanda and Kenya, hence helping in the increased safari visits. This will help in developing the tourism industry in both countries.

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