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The President’s order to kill rustlers – Uganda safari news

gorillas in RwandaWhile President Museveni was carrying out official duties at Kidepo Valley National Park,he ordered the game rangers to kill the  North East cattle rustlers so as to promote peace . game rangers should be killed on spot any one found killing the wild Animals  so as to teach others a lesson and later promote tours in Uganda. This is because the people in the North have been killed together with the wild animals by the cattle rustlers hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda. However the country is finding more solutions so as to increase safari visits to Uganda.

The Toposo together with the Turkana are the major groups of people from south sudan and Kenya who come to Uganda to hunt wild animals hence reducing their number. However the President ordered the rangers to kill them the moment they are found. This will ensure safety of the wild animals and also help maintain the number of Uganda visits.

The tourism minister said that Uganda has a poor road network and poachers. The Executive Director also said  poachers have always been arrested and but now the presindents order will help to solve the problem of poaching because the poacher will fear to loss their lives which will increase the number of wildlife animals and thereafter increase the the number of safaris in Uganda .

President said he is focusing on constructing better roads so as to prevent roads with potholes and promote good safari journeys. He also said he is working on constructing and renovating the hotels and lodges where clients sleep as they come for Uganda visits. Another issue is to promote peace in Uganda so as tourists have a good environment hence promoting more Uganda tours.

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