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The purpose of gorilla trekking in Rwanda – Uganda safaris

baby gorillaMountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is mostly done in Volcanoes National Park, which has got a total of over 400 mountain gorillas. Rwanda tourism Board which is a body responsible for promoting Rwanda as tourist destination has conserved the mountain gorillas mainly because of their contribution to the development of the country.

Mountain gorillas have contributed to the increase on Rwanda’s revenue due to the increased gorilla tracking safaris which are carried out with in the country. This has been possible through encouraging the preservation and conservation of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Rwanda has been marketed and promoted to the outside world due to the gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out in the country, this is through the exhibitions and the expos in which Rwanda participates and this helps it to be known to the outside world as a hub for mountain gorillas in Africa.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda has also given chance to other tourist attractions to be known to exist in Rwanda, these include; chimpanzees, culture of the people of Rwanda, the nature and landscape and many more which have encouraged Rwanda safaris.

Rwanda has put in a lot of emphasize in order to protect and conserve the mountain gorillas since they are the main income earners for the government and the Rwanda’s tourism sector as well, this will help in increasing Rwanda gorilla trekking tours and also developing the tourism sector in Rwanda.

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