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The river kafu Uganda

great river kafu - ugandaRiver Kafu is one of the Uganda safari features whose potential have not been thoroughly explored. Arising from the west of Uganda, the River Kafu is noted to be commencing from a swamp about 12km to the north of Kitoma village in the district of Kibaale. The river flows eastwards before turning north to empty its waters in the famous Victoria Nile that is always encountered on safaris in Uganda at about 8km north of Masindi Port in the district of Masindi.
The River Kafu source is noted to be located on the geographical coordinates of Longitude: 31.0820 and Latitude: 1.1500 and at the point where the River empties into the Nile River lies on the geographical coordinates of Longitude: 32.0945 and Latitude: 1.6475. Along its course, River Kafu passes through districts of Kibaale, Hoima, Kyankwanzi, Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Masindi District as seen on Uganda safaris.
It can be noted that the swamp which the river emanates from is also traversed by Nkusi River though it arises from a different location flowing past the swamp and eventually emptying in Albert Lake at the western border of Uganda and Congo. At the River Kafu source, it stands at an altitude of about 1,100 m while at its mouth point; it stands at an altitude of about 1,040 m with the overall River length of about 180km from the beginning to the end.
River Kafu features two tributaries including River Lugogo and River Mayanja that flow past the wide permanent papyrus swamps before eventually empting in the Kafu River. It can be noted that the landscape of the Kafu River basin is predominantly composed of dense bush thicket and Papyrus swamps.
The River basin features a wide range of fauna besides flora including the Bush duiker, Sitatunga, Bohor Reedbuck, Defassa waterbuck, Bushbuck, Bush pig, Oribi and the Leopard among others. These can be interesting to explore for any adventurous traveler on safari n Uganda.

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