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The road to king Rwenzururu burial site opened by Uganda wildlife authority

rwezururu kingdomThe Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) a public body that undertakes the management of Wildlife and their dwelling areas including National Parks and Wildlife Reserves always explored by travelers on Uganda safaris is embarking on the move to open up the road to the burial ground of the Rwenzururu Kingdom  up in the legendary Rwenzori Mountains.
The Late Isaya Mukirania Kyibanzanga I who is famously known to have launched the Bakonzo and Bamba rebellion in the year in 1961 against the then Kingdom of Toro that was controlling the territory where they thrived lost his life in the year 1966 and was put to rest at the summit of the Bulemba hill in the Sub county of Ihandiro, district of Kasese in the steep ridges of the Rwenzori Mountains a famous site that attracts world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda
The Chief Warden of Rwenzori Mountains National Park Mr. Kiiza Fredrick noted that the Authority is working with the local community which comprise of the Bakonzo and the Bamba to set up a road that will connect the Uganda tour undertakers to the Bulemba summit to explore the burial site of the first Bakonzo King.
The initiative is being taken on a serious pace and Uganda Wildlife Authority has already built the modern hut at Bulemba approximately 500m below the burial site of Isaya Mukirania Kyibanzanga’s grave along with a rest camp on the foot path to the King’s tomb.
The Chairperson of Ihandiro Sub County Mr. Baluku Fenhasi affirmed that Uganda Wildlife Authority has already emitted the funds that will be used in clearing the bush which had covered the Murushenga-Kibigha road which initially led to Bulemba where the historical site is located.
The Murushenga-Kibigha road was initially constructed between 1959 and the year 1960 by the foreigners from Canada that owned the Copper Mines with the interest of extending the mining encounter to Kigombya in the Rwenzori Mountains. The bush clearing will be followed by the road excavation thus enabling the accessibility to the site which will form one of the magical historical and cultural products encountered on safari in Uganda.

An official hike to the site has already been conducted with the officials and the local people trekking 30km from Bwera town to Bulemba. The celebrations for the launch of the initiative were conducted under Exploring and Sustaining tourism potential in the Rwenzori Mountains as the theme.

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