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The Role of Rwanda Tourism Development Board-Rwanda safari news

Rwanda canopy walk nyumwe forest national parkDevelopment Board is a body which is responsible for the development of tourism with in the country. This body has greatly helped to  put in place regulations and rules which have helped in raising revenues to the country. It has worked had in marketing of the tourism sector to the outside world, which has helped in increasing the safari tours to the country.

The board has partnered up with different organisations which are aiming at tourism development and marketing in order to promote Rwanda’s tourism potentials. This will certainly help in attracting more tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda, hence helping in increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

The board has put in place many projects which are aiming at promoting the conservation and preservation of the tourism sector in Rwanda. This has been through encouraging the local people to engage in the development of the tourism sector. Many people especially those living near the national parks; have been encouraged to carry out craft work so that they can be able to earn some incomes. This will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari visits to Rwanda.

Rwanda has got many attractions which are enjoyed by the tourists who come for safaris. There are many culture based attractions with in the country and these have attracted many cultural safaris. There are also many mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, bird species, national parks full of wildlife species, city tours and many others. There is also the introduction of the single tourist visa which will help in bringing in a lot of tourists with in the country.

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