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The Ruwenzori art foundation; a blend of culture with technology – Uganda safari news

rwenzori-sculpture-gallery-art-foundationLocated at 11km from the town of Kasese on the foot hills of the Uganda safari destination of Rwenzori mountains National Park, the Rwenzori Art foundation is far beyond the ordinary. With support from the United Kingdom charity based organization, the foundation has positioned its self considerably to bled culture with technology leading to production of the finest works of art in Uganda and the Africa at the moment.
The Rwenzori Art foundation emerges from the initiative of three Ugandans who had trained at the England based Pangolin Editions Foundry and upon their return in the year 2008, they teamed with the local crew boasting the manpower to over fifteen (15) individuals that have made the site worthy visiting for travelers on safaris in Uganda.
The Rwenzori Art foundation offers the sculptor makers an ideal opportunity to present their work for casting at this only bronze casting center in Africa which is equipped with skilled craftsmen with considerable expertise throughout the casting process.
The site which itself enjoys impressive architectural building is increasing gaining ground in the hearts of works traveler and a good number of them have stared to include it on the list of sites to visit whole planning their safaris to Uganda. Its location presents an ideal stop for travelers connecting from Kibale to Queen Elizabeth National Park or vice versa. The selection of bronze exhibits at the station and other works that are made during the study sessions and workshops are always at the site leaving the travelers on safari in Uganda in a considerable amazement.
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