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The Rwanda ’s new cultural center increases tourism prospects

rwanda cultural centerThe Rwanda safaris are expected to flourish arising from the launched Rulindo Cultural Center along with the Cultural Tourism guide book. The freshly opened Rwanda safari site and the guide book were unlocked in the district of Rulindo as Rwanda joined the world to celebrate the world tourism day.
The opening of the Rulindo Cultural Center comes at a time when the government of Rwanda is adopting the policy that is seeking to improve the tourism industry and cultural tourism in particular according to Julienne Uwacu the Minister for Sports and Culture. This intends to present tourism as not only about the gorilla safaris in Rwanda or the museum tours in Rwanda but as journey to explore the historical roots of Rwanda learning about the traditions of the Rwandans.
The district of Rulindo is credited for being the first district to open a cultural center which will act as an eye opener for other local governments to undertake such initiatives that will in turn increase the world travellers planning safaris to Rwanda.
The cultural centers are viewed as a perfect avenue through which history and the ancestral traditions can be kept. The Rulindo Cultural Center is positioned at 25km from Kigali City on the Kigali – Musaze Highway which costed Rwf590 million for establishment so far though the construction works are still ongoing according the Rwanda Development Board’s Chief Tourism Officer Belise Kariza.
The Cultural Center was established at a place called Kukirenge meaning on the foot which dates back to King Ruganzu II Ndoli who is believed to have stepped on the rock and his footprint remained. This historical rock that is at the moment being kept in the National Ethnographic Museum in district of Huye would be returned to the center after its completion as it forms the foundation for the center.
The Rulindo Cultural Center intends to display the heritage and traditions of Rwanda including art and craft which will in turn contribute to the Rwanda safari product diversification and increase the tourism sector input to the national development
Rwanda is noted to have realized $305 million in the 2014/15 tourism receipts and intends to realize $860 million in the year 2017 which puts the need for innovative and new tourist sites development to realize such a target. The tourism sector remains the biggest export earner for Rwanda with a 4% growth rate per annum.
The opening of the Cultural Center also marked the launch of the cultural tourism guide book – the Cultural Tourism of Rwanda which is a comprehensive 325 page book that showcases the unique cultural heritage of the destination Rwanda.
The Rulindo Cultural Center will charge Rwf500 for the local and the visitors from the region while for the international travelers on safaris in Rwanda will pay Rwf3,000.

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