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Uganda is indeed an exciting destination providing for all traveler categories that would wish to undertake her gorilla safaris.  The country through her wildlife department – the Uganda Wildlife Authority extends discounted gorilla permits in the month of April, May and November at a very affordable price quite differing from the usual season price.

Some travelers interested in gorilla safaris in Uganda tend to think that the promotional permits end with April which is not the case. Just be reminded that the season for the discounted gorilla and chimpanzee permits is still on till end of May.

In her south western highlands of Kigezi, Uganda features verdant forest cover with unique flora species like Bamboo, unique landscape like rising hills and narrow valleys along with a cool climate that provides a favourable habitat for the survival of the critically endangered mountain gorillas. A minimum of 400 mountain gorillas are believed to be thriving in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and at about 50km from the Southern boundary of the park, there lies another gorilla habitat Mgahinga Gorilla National Park that is part of the greater Virunga landscape apparently believed to be having 480 mountain gorillas as we await the updated results from the ongoing gorilla census.

The gorilla tracking Safaris in Uganda are thus to these two destinations where a count of 13 gorilla families are fully habituated for human tracking experience. The two new families are under habituation in Bwindi and will be added as well when they are ready.

The discounted gorilla permits are given at $450 for the Non foreign residents reducing from $600 in other months, $400 for foreign residents reducing from $500 during other months and 150,000/= for the East African community Citizens from 250,000/= during other months.

Taking advantage of these permits gives any traveler on gorilla trekking safaris to pay less and he / she can as well add on an extension to the wild game viewing destinations like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park for extensive game drives.  Luckily also, Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park have also been discounted to $100 from $150 in the similar months.  This provides for a full primate experience in Uganda in the month of May at a very cost effective arrangement.


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